I help people overcome anxiety around public speaking.

On stage, in a client presentation, in the boardroom or even on the phone. 

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I helped Benjamin Parry, a UX Specialist at world renowned design consultancy Clearleft, get over his glassophobia (fear of public speaking) and bolster his ability to present research and work concisely and clearly to clients.

We worked on shining a light on his confidence levels - then growing them. All with a lot of practise, practical tips and theory. In a day. Check out his in depth write up on the Clearleft website.

I helped LadBible and Rangewells SEO Agency; Type A Media mature their confidence in conversations and presentations to overcome their hesitancy to move into the speaking circuit, as well as presenting to clients and team members.

We took the team off-site for the day - a good whack of motivation, a dash of psychological theory and hefty dose of practise did the trick. Read the case study here here.



The internationally renowned Brighton SEO is a ‘huge, twice yearly search marketing conference’. The speakers need to hit the mark.

I’ve been training the speakers at for this event for two years, giving them the toolkit, motivation and confidence to tell their story in front of hundreds of people.

How? Through transformational workshops that go right to the heart of storytelling, presentation style and uncovering your ‘conditions for success’.



I work with people and organisations who operate in the digital and web space.

I spend a lot of time helping digital agencies reduce the anxiety that so many of their team members have around public speaking. This frees them up to:

  1. Have conversations that matter and grow relationships

  2. Grow their personal (and thus the business) brand

  3. Deliver confident playback, sprint meetings and retros

  4. Get their vision across to a client clearly and concisely

  5. Win more sales pitches and better deliver workshops




During the workshop your team will

  • Learn how everyone has the skills to speak in public

  • Identify and develop strategies to overcome your fears around speaking in public

  • Uncover the power of storytelling and identify your own unique storytelling tactics

  • Uncover your own voice and discover your own unique approach to public speaking

  • Embed new skills that you can take directly back into the workplace

  • Identify how to engage your audience through your own natural talents

By the end of the workshop they will have

  • Practised overcoming your fear successfully

  • Identified your own motivation factors and style for public speaking

  • Established your storytelling style and how to apply it

  • Delivered multiple talks to the group, in a series of formats

  • Received praise and feedback

  • Learned how to deliver an effective message, in your own style, to whoever you need to

  • Created a set of actions to put your new learnings into practice at work





Kate Ashley  |  Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Jellyfish Connect

"The course really exceeded my expectations! Matt created a relaxed atmosphere from the off and this helped focus your mind on what you were there to achieve. The most valuable part of the day was how personal every step of the coaching felt - it was like having a 1-2-1 course with the support of lovely people around you. It was so valuable to drill down to your own personal anxieties about public speaking but also useful to hear about other people’s experiences. Genuinely felt by the end of the day that I had a toolkit for public speaking that was completely tailored to my ability and personality. Thank you, Matt!!"

Louise Childs  | Biddable Media Manager, Conversionworks

""Matt was awesome from the minute we walked into the room, right up to when we left. He instantly put us at ease and tapped into the things that make us most nervous to help overcome them. The group transitioned into a team, all rooting for each other to be the best that they could be and supporting each other through the challenges. We all left feeling excited and empowered for the next big event. Today I presented to the whole company and I felt like people were truly listening - super result! Thanks Matt :)"

Rachel Jordan  |  Lead Learning Designer at LEO 

"This course is a welcome break from one-size-fits-all advice. Matt has a knack for setting the right environment and the right exercises for you to come up with your own personal solutions to your own personal situation."


Katja Garood  |  Creative Director at Brandwatch

"Convinced I had nothing smart to say, that I would freeze on stage, stutter awkwardly or dribble inappropriately, I was basically self destructing before I'd even got there. Matt's expertise, his kind disarming manner, his positive coaching style, absolutely helped me to not only deliver what I needed to, but also enjoy the build up to the event. I genuinely walked on that stage with a smile and there is no way I could have confidently done that without Matts help.”

Catrina Basset  |  Digital Business Manager at Dabapps

"Thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and learnt so much I can put into practise, not just when presenting, but in meetings and everyday life. Everyone's voice was heard and the whole experience was positive, engaging and up-lifting. Matt facilitated the training brilliantly. Will be recommending highly!" 

Amy Duncan  |  SEO Consultant, Type A Media

“I’ve been so fearful of public speaking and it’s actually prevented me from doing things I wanted to further my career. Then I had a day’s session with Matt and my colleagues and everything changed. I was a bit dubious thinking it would be just another corporate box ticking exercise and I’ve never been happier to be so wrong in my life. His Methodology made 8 hours fly by and the result was amazing. I’m so much more confident talking to people, as well as genuinely being keen to do some public speaking for the first time in many years. It was an amazing exercise to do with my colleagues as we learned so much about one another, as well as all being far more confident about public speaking. I honestly, could not recommend his workshop more! Thank you so much Matt!”



My names Matt and I’m pretty easy to talk to

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