An amazing thing happened when we collided a top SEO Consultancy with a powerful public speaking workshop.

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I had the absolute pleasure of working with the team at Type A Media a few weeks back. Type A Media are a London Bridge based SEO Consultancy, (working with brands such as Ladbible amongst others) and doing great things - not least with their flexible working model.

Ross Tavendale, their MD, recently spoke at Brighton SEO, the epic, twice a year mega conference on all things SEO (I’ve been working with the Brighton SEO team on the training days for a couple of years now). Ross and I met at their speaker training and induction day in London back last Autumn.

He got in touch to ask if I’d come along and take the company off site for the day to turbo charge their public speaking confidence. I leapt at the chance, but was aware expectations where high…

They work a four day week (and have done since day 1) and the training was to happen on a Friday, as part of their ‘one Friday a month’ initiative to deliver meaningful training.

So there was some expectation riding on this - after all, I was essentially working with them on their weekend.

The solution was my ‘Overcome the anxiety, be a better public speaker’ workshop. A format I’ve honed over many years, with a few elements tailored specifically to Type A.

The workshop is unique, in that it’s specifically designed to draw out and shine a light on the confidence levels of all who attend - then grow them.

All while providing practical advice and opportunities to practise.

We tackled in detail

  • Story telling

  • Confidence

  • Presentation style

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Strategies for success

  • Nerves

  • Where to put it into action.

The team did amazing.

They were an absolute joy to work, and tolerated me despite being at the back end of an illness! Thank you for having me team.

Here’s a taster of some of their comments after the workshop.

From Amy, Lead SEO Consultant

“I used to be so confident when public speaking and then suddenly I became terrified. I’ve been so fearful of public speaking and it’s actually prevented me from doing things I wanted to further my career. Then I had a day’s session with Matt and my colleagues and everything changed. Matt’s session was far from what you’d expect, in the best possible way. I was a bit dubious thinking it would be just another corporate box ticking exercise and I’ve never been happier to be so wrong in my life. His Methodology made 8 hours fly by and the result was amazing. I’m so much more confident talking to people, as well as genuinely being keen to do some public speaking for the first time in many years. It was an amazing exercise to do with my colleagues as we learned so much about one another, as well as all being far more confident about public speaking. I honestly, could not recommend his workshop more! Thank you so much Matt!”

From Amritan Walia, Business Operations Director

“We were recommended Matt by several of the past speakers at Brighton SEO who had gone through the training and had had a wonderful experience. As a company we work a 4 day work week so asking the team to come in on a Friday for training did not make me very popular! However, I can confidently say that it was an amazing day. As a team we all learnt so much about public speaking, confidence and more importantly about ourselves. I found Matt's experience and nature of delivering training authentic and original and more importantly the day was extremely fun, interactive and did not feel like "training". The impact on the team since has been visible as everyone has appeared to be more confident, assured and organised. I highly recommend Matt for speaker training, I will certainly be booking him again for his other workshops!”

From Max Coupland, Partner

“I attended one of Matt's full day public speaking courses and it was a day very well spent, from both a professional and a personal perspective. The day was particularly important for me because I have a conference speech to give in a few months so I was really hoping to be able to pick up some actionable lessons that I could apply to my talk and I can say Matt definitely helped me achieve this!

I'm thankful for the advice and knowledge he provided myself, and my company, which i've already started to incorporate into my talk and i'll be using on the day of the event, as well as at future speaking events. The day itself was really enjoyable and at times you forgot that you were supposed to be learning, as the tasks were a joy in themselves.

Each of these activities was strongly tied to improving your confidence in a certain aspect of public speaking and Matt carefully explained what that was after each activity had finished. Thanks again!”


Interested in how the workshop could work for your team? Get in touch.

Matthew Matheson